Address26-34 Lurgan Rd, Portadown /
18 Alexandra Cres, Lurgan

TelephonePortadown: 028 3835 2222    
Lurgan: 028 3834 9222

Craigavon Senior High School

Vision & Values

Our Mission

We as a school, work together to build positive futures for all.  Our school community is a place where learners develop respect for themselves, for those around them and for the school environment.  Values are established and skills developed, allowing pupils to build their confidence, achieve their potential, contribute successfully to society and play an active part in shaping the future for themselves and others.

Underpinning everything we do is the desire to raise attainment, provide opportunities for achievement and celebrate success.

We at CSHS aim to create a unified community where every member feels a deep sense of belonging and purpose. Our school values aren't just about academic achievements; they encompass a broader spectrum of accomplishments. As a school we feel that our CARE values play a pivotal role in shaping the ethos of our pupils, staff and wider stakeholders in ensuring success at every level throughout school life. 


Our School Core Values

  • Do not settle for less than your best – be Committed to being all you can be.
  • A high level of Aspiration ensures opportunities for our pupils to succeed not only in education but in life.
  • Respect for self, respect for others, respect for our community and respect for the school environment.
  • Empathy is our unquestionable acceptance of all our community. It underlies everything we are as a school, and as a community.


Commitment Aspiration Respect Empathy


Our Aims

Working together, we encourage all pupils to become:

  • Successful Learners – who take responsibility for their own learning and self-development
  • Promote well-being by providing a safe, caring, and supportive environment for every member of our school community
  • Confident Individuals – who have high self-esteem and value their own worth
  • Nurture positive relationships through respect for diversity and sensitivity toward others
  • Responsible Citizens – who show respect and care for each other and their community
  • Foster personal qualities such as kindness, aspiration, integrity, and respect
  • Effective Contributors – who make a positive contribution to society
  • Develop leadership, independence, confidence, and resilience in every pupil